Alison R

November 10, 2014

Took up 3 feet of shingles to apply ice shield to roof and re-laid same shingles; replaced pipe vent collar, caulked nail pops; nailed in drip edge, replaced missing end caps, replaced missing siding panel; fabricated open facia/corner aluminum cover. I am so relieved that we found Mr. Marshall on Angie’s list! We have had persistently leaky windows that no one has seemed to have been able to fix. Mr. Marshall’s specialties are roofing, siding, gutters and windows-therefore, he was confident that we would be able to find the problem in one of these domains. He understandably could not guaranteed that these roofing repairs that would have been needed regardless of a connection to the leak would fix our problem, however he was hopeful that they might, and suggested waiting to see if the problem resolved after the repairs. If not, he would then suggest the bigger job of removing the siding and taping around the windows and then reusing the siding again. I appreciated his honesty in recommending that we go with a less costly method first. He completed the job over a 2 day period, and took pictures of the roof so I could see what he had done, as well as showed me water stains on the drip edge that could be indicative of a point of entry for the water. I am cautiously hopeful that these needed repairs fixed our leak as it has rained since and we’ve had no issues!

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