Emergency Extreme Wind, Rain, Snow, Hail & Storm Damage Roof Repair in Columbia MD

Hire a Professional to Repair your Storm Damaged Roof

Extreme weather can be responsible for damaging your home in many different areas; however, it is your home’s roof that takes the brunt force of a storm. Many homeowners do not realize they have any type of roof damage until it is much too late and water is pouring into their home. While severe storms can get your thinking about the shape of your roof, mild storms can also be responsible for significant roof damage. It is important to inspect your roof often, especially after a storm to ensure that your home is in good shape and if there are repairs that need to be made, you can attend to them swiftly to avoid more potential damage.

Asphalt Roof Shingles Can Easily Be Damaged After a Storm

The most common type of roofing in the country is asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles are made from asphalt that has been reinforced with organic material or fiber glass and they are coated with small metal granules that protect them from the sun’s rays which can cause them to deteriorate quickly. Many builders choose asphalt shingles because they come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and styles. Asphalt shingles do not do well when they are exposed to any type of severe storm. Asphalt shingles can become seriously damaged and require a great deal of repair after a major storm has hit. Marshall’s Roofing & Contracting will repair your asphalt shingles and make sure that your roof is in great shape after a storm!

Roof Inspection After a Hail or Other Storm

After a storm has passed through, it is essential to inspect the condition of your roof to make sure that no damage has been done, and if any damage has actually occurred, that you can repair it quickly to avoid any other costly situations. If you have experienced a hail storm, look for dark areas or spots on your asphalt shingles. This indicates that roofing has been knocked away and in some cases you may even find holes, cracking or missing shingles. If you neglect to inspect your roof after a storm or fix any areas that are in need of repair this may result in leaking and serious water damage to your home. Serious water damage can then lead to mold infestation and rotting wood. An easy fix from Marshall’s Roofing and Contracting can steer your home clear of any of these dangerous and costly situations. Contact Marshall’s Roofing and Contracting today to have your roof inspected and repaired.

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