Professional Vinyl, Fiber Cement, Shakes, Steel, Stone Veneer & Cedar Siding Repair in Columbia MD

The exterior of your home is one of the key elements that gives you shelter and protects you from the elements. It takes a beating. The siding materials used in your abode have endured brutal weather conditions from heavy rainfall to intense sunny rays; from warmer to cooler temperatures. Depending on your landscaping, your siding could be impacted by tree limbs or other vegetation consequences, along with any pest control issues such as rodents, insects, and birds that have access. Simple age also affects the siding. Like with anything, siding needs to be periodically repaired. No matter the scenario, professional maintenance is optimal to keep the overall condition of your castle looking great and functioning optimally.

Marshall’s Roofing and Contracting would like to expound on the most commonly used siding materials needing repairs for residents in Maryland.

1. Vinyl Siding. Vinyl siding is low maintenance and fairly affordable, therefore many homeowners opt for the use. Vinyl siding is dependable and durable, and can withstand high winds, frigid cold and scorching heat is well resisted. Frequent issues in vinyl siding is as follows:
• Buckled and warped issues.
• Improperly buried at wall bottom (pests can easily gain access and cause other damage to the structure from underneath the siding).
• Gaps, holes and cracking, especially around window trim.
• J-Channel defects in installation.
• Improper installation overall.
• Loose material causing leaks, blowing or falling off, and nail defects.
• Siding is emanating pungent odors.
• Siding is stained or faded.
2. Wood Siding. Wood siding offers a rich charm aesthetic, and is also widely used in Maryland. Being versatile in shape, size and color options, wood siding does however, require more maintenance.
Wood siding is susceptible to mold, mildew, termites and swelling issues. Other common repairs could include:
 Wood rot.
 Poor installation.
 Gaps, cracks and holes.
 Irreversible water damage.
3. Brick Siding. Brick siding is especially popular to use for Colonial and English homes. But with high durability, and little maintenance, brick siding is an optimal choice. Repairs related to brick siding may include the following:
• Broken bricks.
• Poor installation.
4. Stucco Siding. Stucco siding is widely used in Maryland homes. Stucco is primarily made with cement, lime and sand to create a shell around the exterior. But though stucco is reasonably sturdy, its weakness is water, and cannot endure too much rainfall. Stucco siding really only has a few problems and they are:
 Stains and blemishes are easily inflicted, especially when rainy weather gives it a beating.
 Cracks can ensue with deterioration, improper installation or harsh impacts.
 Mold is a common problem when cracks and water coexist.
5. Stone Siding. Stone siding gives a unique texture and is becoming more chosen over others. Being the more costly option, it is more accepted as having the maximum durability and strength.
• Improper installation is the cause for most stone siding repairs.
6. Fiber Cement Siding. Fiber Cement siding is composed of wood pulp, clay, sand and cement. It is easily manipulated to look like stone, wood or stucco. It can endure heated temperatures and is also low maintenance. Due to the complex nature of the material, it is generally costly to install. Repairs more common are:
• Poor installation, causing gaps.
• Paint peeling.
• Loose siding.
• Buckled or warped.
7. Aluminum Siding. Aluminum siding is perfect in warm and cold temperatures, but needs premium insulation due to the materials. Repairs are:
 Buckling.
 Rapid paint loss.

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Our professionals at Marshall’s Roofing and Contracting know the common materials used in Greater Columbia, Maryland siding, and even the unique options. Being so familiar with the materials used; repairs come naturally. With our experience, expertise and talents we can repair your home’s siding with ease, quickly and efficiently. Call us today!

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